Mike Cesario

Rolex 2012 - Laguna Seca pace lap

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Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt cars lead the field through the Laguna Seca corkscrew on the pace lap at the 2012 Monterey Reunion.
Johnny Mallonee
@johnny-mallonee   10 years ago
number 46 ,Roy Maynes car should have been there too
Mike Cesario
@mike-cesario   10 years ago
2012 Monterey race group was for 1974 - 1990 Disc brake stock cars. The Maynes car I think you are referring to is older and has drum brakes. I actually wrote an article for Victory Lane magazine on the car entitled "From barnfind to Monterey in 30 days" which relayed the rebuilding of the car by master mechanic and fabricator, Ray Miller in Campbell, CA.
Jackson Bradford
@jackson-bradford   10 years ago
Mike, do you know of any racing like this on the East coast?
Mike Cesario
@mike-cesario   10 years ago
Hi Johnny: yes. I have a number of friends either racing or maintaining, historic stock cars on the east coast. Also various race groups like HSR and SVRA allow the stock cars access at their events (albeit usually in a mixed car class race bag). I can give you some names if you give me a call. We're actually discussing running a couple of stock cars at Sebring in mid-march as part of the 12 Hours of Sebring/SVRA dance card.Regards,Mike CesarioRacers Drive408-220-3167
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