N.B. Arnold

Ray Hendrick #02

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Taken at Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway during the late 70's - early 80's. Help me on this one. Original photo copywrite to N.B. Arnold.
Kerry Viar
@kerry-viar   10 years ago
Sonny Hutchins in the background.
Mike Ray
@mike-ray   10 years ago
Thank you N.B.
Andy Towler
@andy-towler   9 years ago
Great Photo
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   4 years ago
N. B., I believe that is the Garland Rickets / Livingstone Fire Protection Late Model Sportsman that Ray drove at the end of his career. Member Woody Delbridge shot the car at Richmond's Southside Speedway:
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   4 years ago
Garland Rickets stands beside current race car in his driving uniform. This is the car Garland runs with the Legendary Flathead Ford group.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   4 years ago
Dennis, here's the post about Garland Rickets / Zervakis posted by Butch in 2013: Posted by: Butch Zervakis on August 11, 2013 at 7:05pm
In Reply to: A question for Butch Z. by Old Bars Man on August 11, 2013 at 5:10pm my dad (Emanuel Zervakis), Melvin Bradley and Billy Oglesby started building front end conversion kits for chevelles, that's when we started selling Stock Car Products parts from Calif, the next move we started building complete cars, while doing so an engineer named Garland Rickets came on board and we starting building cars with planned roll centers and spindles that we designed that are still being used in cup cars today, during that time we meet Greg Deeth and he came to work for us and went on to start building his own cars, then add Tommy Ellis to the list of chassis builders, our chassis design was so successful Mike Laughlin used it for a base line of tubular chassis that is the standard that is used in cup racing now, the first late model my dad and myself built together was a 1965 chevelle to help promote late models at Southside Speedway to attract a younger fan base that didn't know what a modified was, Ray was the first driver that drove that car , Bill Dennis, Melvin Bradley, Ted Hairfield and then Sonny Hutchins all drove that Zero One car to many wins, our car building really did well to due to Sonny winning so many races and when we built a new car for a customer that felt like we wasn't giving them the same thing, we would get Sonny to drive it and the stop watch would prove that they had a good car, the 57 chevy you are talking about was my Limited car that came from Jack Ingram, that was my first car, my second car was a 66 chevelle I built all by myself to prove to my dad that I could build a complete car. Our cars were so good that a car we built a car for Coleman Mann that Bill Dennis and Al Grinnan drove gave us fits while driving that car which made it easy to sell cars
Michael T. Heath
@michael-t-heath   4 years ago
I am pretty sure the car ownerwas Pete Babb that had greatsuccess with Jack Bland,the crew chief was Red's Kagle and sponsor was Jay Livingston ( Livingston Fire Protection )all were from Maryland. This should be the early 80's after Red's retired from driving in 1980. Jay owned a car that Red's drove around 69 & 70 at Beltsville and Old Dominion ( Manassas, Va). This car with Ray driving won the last Late Model Sportsmanrace at Old Dominion in 1981.
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