N.B. Arnold

Bowman Gray - Greensboro Fairgrounds 1952

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Original NASCAR program for weekly races at Bowman Gray Stadium dated Saturday night April 26, 1952 and Greensboro Fairgrounds dated Sunday afternoon April 27, 1952. Bobby Myers and Bob Blair photos are featured on the cover. NASCAR would often publish only one program to cover the areas weekend races at two or three speedways. Seperate entry lists and advertisements were used for each track. Program from the N.B. Arnold collection. Image copywrite to N.B. Arnold
Andy Towler
@andy-towler   10 years ago
Just Great Stuff You Have N.B. Keep it coming My Friend.
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   7 months ago

Both slate of races were rained out. 
1952 Greensboro WinstonSalem rain 042852AshevilleCitizenTimes.PNG
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