Paul Cuff

'68 Camaro SS396

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This car was kinda rare, I think. It was a 396/375 hp and REALLY flew! Funny part was, I didn't have it long. The story goes like this: I'm 19, and get home with my new Camaro SS. I say to the Mom, "Hey, come check out my new car." She says, "I think your draft notice has come." Why are mothers always right? Well, so much for the Camaro.
HM Spracher
@hm-spracher   12 years ago
Glad you made it back,too bad you couldn't keep the Camaro.Looks to be a turquoise color?I really liked most of the various factory colors these cars were offered in back then.Too bad they have all been sprayed yellow,blue,red,or black for the most part.They truly looked better in stock colors imo.
Paul Cuff
@paul-cuff   12 years ago
Thanks for your kind words. I think that the Army might have saved my life from this car. It was nothing but brute horsepower, and I had very little experience at the time. I would probably have gotten killed in it.As to the color, it was Kelly Green, a bright metallic green. The quality of the picture is poor, because it was taken with a Polaroid camera, in 1970.Thanks again for your interest and comment. Take care, and all the best to you. Keep the shiny parts on top.
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