Jack McCoy RIP
Paul Zappardino
Sunday April 19 2009, 10:31 PM
I heard while watching Wind Tunnel (always like Despain) that Jack McCoy famous WestCoast Driver who won the West Coast GN chmapionship twice in 67 and 73 passed away Tuesday at age 71. I had some recent e-mail conversation with Jack about ordering his book, We talked about his days when Ivan Baldwin use to work and drive for him. He said Ivan was the "BEST" I always could not wait to for my issue of Stock Car racing magazine to check on my West Coast heros McCoy,Baldwin, and Nelson. I met Jack at Daytona in 1979. they had a Racer's show at the convention center. i brought his tape on racing tire applications, we talked for about an hour or two. He was very friendly and i was in awe just talking to him. Just another legend passes into Heaven's speedway. Maybe now Ivan can drive Jack's Dodge and the engines last, RIP Jack McCoy. THANKS Jack for the great memories, Give our regards to Ivan
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   14 years ago
I forgot about his long time crew chief Ernie Conn, who I admired his ability to make Jack a winner with they way he kept his Dodge running and winning!
Mike Sykes
@mike-sykes   14 years ago
Another racing legend that is gone but will not be forgotten on the west coast or east coast. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family from the Old Timers Racing Club and its members.