Winless streaks , OVER Emphasized
Paul Zappardino
Sunday June 15 2008, 9:40 PM
I have to get this off my chest!! In this day and age of NASCAR racing someone like myself who was invovled in NASCAR in the Late Model Sportsman division till 1981 and became disenchanted with the commercialism am tired of hearing about driv er's winless streaks!!! You hear driver's that have not won in 25 or 30 races in the sprint cup series, well there are driver's who competed in Grand National and Winston Cup that did not win in over 400 -500 races!!! So would someone tell me why the emphasis is on the winless streaks? Do you actually think that a driver who has won but not in 25-30 races for example is going to get sympathy in this day and age? in the LMS division we won only one feature race in 4 years!!!!! you don't hear about a winless streak like that. I personally think the main thing is just going out there and performing to the best of your ability , finish and come out with you car in tack. Everytime I hear about a driver's winless streak I roll my eyes, there are some present cup driver's that will never win a race, now in these days they run only 36 races but there was a time when they ran 50 races and over, there is more of a chance in these days of a cup driver not winning for a long period of time or not at all. I just feel this type of statistic is useless and gtes on my nerves personally. I did not create this blog to offend anybody, that was not my intention. I myself being an old NASCAR involved person does not see the what a driver's winless streak has to with cup series in present day. Paul Zappardino
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   15 years ago
You said it, Robbie! The combined efforts of the NASCAR promotional machine, have about turned racing and race "fans" into something very close to "Grateful-DEAD-heads"
Cathy Wine
@cathy-wine   15 years ago
Totally agree Paul and Robbie!! If you love racing, you love racing. Way too much pressure and emphasis on win, win, win or you're not worth anyone's time. Wanting to win is the power behind giving your best performance in any race, but sometimes the battle for 12th place is way more exciting than what's further down the track. Anyone who truely loves racing isn't just a watcher looking at who's first in the last lap. Cathy