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  • Car with Wagon & Trailer
  • New Shoes
  • Source of Power
  • Some tire smoke
  • Crossed up in Tucson
  • Mike Kuhl & Norm Weekly working on F-4 car
  • Me doing the initial fireup on the F4 car at March Meet
  • Norm Weekly supervising the fireup
  • Dennis Prater working on his S&H Stampcar
  • New fangled tools
Paul Hutchins
@paul-hutchins   10 years ago
PRWhat year was this? That's a wild set of pipes ! I have to say that I like your 2009 scoop a whole lot better.Hutch
Paula Roth
@paula-roth   10 years ago
1985 I think...maybe 84 ..I had just changed over from a SBC to the Chrysler 440. I reduced that poor Chevy to the smallest common denominator ...many small pieces. The pipes were made by Stans Headers up in Washington. I too prefer the new scoop to this big ol Harwood scoop.... Lot easier to see over the new one too :-)
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