• bob senneker and crew
  • Bob Senneker cup car
  • Tommy Maier GoIng car 1973
  • John Benson 1962
  • Joy Fair Ford Maverick 1976
  • Dan Elliott at Michigan
  • John Benson and Johnny Benson Jr. from 1975
  • Cale Yarborough at Michigan
  • GM teardown
  • Bill Elliott at Michigan
  • Richard Petty Pontiac 1982
  • Ricky Rudd at Michigan
  • Richard Petty Pontiac 1982 2
  • David Pearson at Michigan
  • Bill Elliott at Michigan
  • Dale Earnhardt at Michigan
  • Richard Petty pin
  • doyle ford, nascar flagman
  • Alan Kulwicki ASA car
  • Bob Senneker ASA at Michigan
  • Benny Parsons at Michigan
  • Bobby Allison car
@statsman   11 years ago
Hi Pete: I saw the ASA cars at MIS the following year. Great interior shots of Senneker and Kulwicki. I'd like to build the Elk Vans cars at some point but gettng a clear pic of that Elk logo is a challenge.
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   11 years ago
Thanks for the compliment, Rod. That means a lot coming from you! I added another photo of Bob driving a Cup car sponsored by Elk Vans, but I can't make out the logo on that one either. I'll keep looking, though, and let you know.Pete
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