Randy Murphy

Marion Cox Mercury Cyclone

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CMS 1976
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   9 years ago
Guessing this was the same car (or at least same team) that exploded in flames at the 79 Permatex 300 at Daytona. Joe Frasson was the driver that day.
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   9 years ago
Randy, Looks wet at CMS. Is this the year it took 3 or 4 tries to get this race in?
Randy Murphy
@randy-murphy   9 years ago
YesI beleive it'sthe same car that was destroyed at Daytona with Frasson driving, unless Cox had two of them. I think Morgan S. drove it at Charlotte in 1976 but am not sure. Also, it was the same year it rained several times during the race weekend, but my memory (which could be wrong) is that the LMS race ran on time and the Cup race the next day was stop & go & stop & go.
Chris Hussey
@chris-hussey   9 years ago
Pretty sure it was '76 is when it took three weekends to get the Sportsman race in. My Dad and I went all three Saturdays. Whatever year it was Ray Hendrick won the race.
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