NASCAR Media Group
Randy Myers2
Saturday December 10 2011, 7:56 AM

Speed had two great shows on last night. Biographies on Cale Yarborough and Dale Inman featured some great footage from back in the day as well as interviews with two of the five new inductees into the NASCAR HOF nextmonth. I thought I had seen about all the footagefrom the archives of CBS, etc, but saw some new stuff last night. I'm sure there will be re-airs and shows on the remaining three inductees are set for the nextfew daysso I am looking forward to them as well. But I couldn't let the producers get away without a little ribbing. During the commercials promoting the induction of the new members, there was a "shot" of each of the inductees as the announcer called their name. Asthe announcer said "WOOD", a shot of Delano Wood popped up. You would think there is someone at the NASCAR Media Group and Speed old enough to know the difference betwood Glenn and Delano.