Randy Myers2

Glenn Wood and Bill Myers

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Harlow Reynolds
@harlow-reynolds   12 years ago
Great picture. I'll send this to Glen,ThanksHarlow ReynoldsLynchburg,Va.
Randy Myers2
@randy-myers2   12 years ago
I think Glenn has this picture as well but you are welcome to share it with him. Last time I was up there I think we talked about it. Pretty sure it was made during the time daddy and Turner were fueding and France & Hawkins had a little ceremony at the stadium. Daddy, Bobby, Turner and Gelnn had to "bury the hatchet" (little rubber hatchets). Glenn said he wasn't sure why he had to bury one cause he wasn't involved in the fued. France was always promoting. Must have known what he was doing since the stadium is the only short track around that still has a crowd. Give Glenn and Bernice my best.Randy
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