Randy Smith

Mason's Garage

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What history. These two words say it all. This was before my time and the shop had been added onto when i was running around getting into things.
Ron Wetzler
@ron-wetzler   10 years ago
hedricks is almost as nice as this shop
William Horrell
@william-horrell   10 years ago
This photo is priceless! Always wondered what the Mason garage looked like after seing the name for decades. Is that a young Perk Brown in the peddle car possibly?
Randy Smith
@randy-smith   10 years ago
I am pretty certin that the little guy is William's grandson Terry Rae. I could be wrong but i dont think so. What do you think that peddle car would be worth today? alot i would say.
Randy Smith
@randy-smith   10 years ago
The right side where all the junk is piled up is where the add on was built. It was 2 stories and was a big shop after that. What memories i had there as a child.
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