Richard Luther

Pete Keller,nascar official

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Richard Luther
@richard-luther   13 years ago
Pete Keller, local NASCAR official, standing next to my last personally owned race car, 58 Ford/ 427 CI...........Pete was good guy who helped me greatly when I was terribly injured at Columbia Speedway, Col SC Pete took care of everything that night, wife to ER, stayed with wife while I'm in surgury, saw to all our needs after that. Made sure I got paychecks from NASCAR whole time I was out of work.Pete is no longer with us, but his memory is honored in my home.He's doing flag work at some 1/2 mile dirt track in the Sky
Nick Sinclair
@nick-sinclair   13 years ago
Here's a good guy~ Pete Keller~ knew how to treat folks fairly, kept cheating & rough driving "within reason" and would "warn' you gently rather than send you home if he thought you'd gone a bit too far. Safety and a full field of decent cars were his main concerns. Sure was good to me when I was a totally green kid!
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