Ricky A Poole Jr

Lennie Pond #54

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My father (Pickle Archer) took these pictures of the Master Cheverolet Sales Car. My father was a part time member of the pit crew. I don't have any idea what track and year?
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   12 years ago
I believe that is Martinsville, probably around 1973-74.
Vernon Wesson
@vernon-wesson   12 years ago
It is Martinsville, and the picture was taken from the backstretch grandstands. The white building on the right side of the picture is the old scoring stand. Back when Martinsville had two separate pit roads, one on the frontstretch and one on the backstretch, they used to score the cars in turn four. That's back when racetracks had character, personality, and you also had totake into accountthe tracks unique features like the Martinsville scoring stand location and two pit roads...long before the days of the cookie cutter, all the same, insert name here race tracks of today.
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