Robbie Carmichael


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Ray Hendrick Camaro
ray ruggiero
@ray-ruggiero   16 years ago
love that car .ray
T. L. Patterson
@t-l-patterson   16 years ago
This car was bad-to-the-bone in its time !!! Thanks for sharing !!!
Old School Racing
@old-school-racing   16 years ago
These are great pics of Ray and Sonny....Since you seem to have pics from VA, do you happen to have any of Gene Lovelace? That is if you even know who he was? I am trying to locate a pic of him.Thanks for the great addition to the history of racing by adding these pics.....Ray is one of my all time fav's
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   9 years ago
One of the very first NASCAR late Model Modifieds.
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