Basic Info
@shrop   7 years ago
Thank you, Robert for sharing these films! They're great and bring back a lot of memories! That was one spectacular wreck at the end of Part 1 involving number 69....and the old panel truck ambulance got quite a workout at Peace Haven! You can almost hear the sound of the old flat head V8's in these clips.
Robert Mitchell
@robert-mitchell   7 years ago
Thanks for your comments, Shrop! I hope more people like you who went to watchtheir father, or favorite driversrace at these tracks get to enjoy this treasured rare film footage. As all I've done was postthe filmhere, I would like to give all the credit to the man who filmed it, and the persons who found and digitalized it. For without people like them, wonderful moments from the past would be lost forever. If I ever get to speak to the film maker or his family, I will make mention of it hereand thank them.
Kent Benfield
@kent-benfield   7 years ago
Unbelievable!!!! So great to see PH, BG, and even VIR!!!!! Thanks for sharing...Thanks for identifications very much as well. Makes it even better!!!!!!
Robert Mitchell
@robert-mitchell   7 years ago
Glad you enjoyed the films, Kent! I was fortunate to get a copy from a man who has helped me out a lot recently on my research. Maybe he'll chime in on the history of it here someday. It really blew my mind when I saw it and I consider it a real treasure...something everyone interested should be able to see. It's really cool to thinkthe Peace Haven footagewas all right down the street from where we both grew up!
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