Robert Turner

Fairlane, Fulmer Lance (1958)

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This is the way it was "back in the day", as my kids would say. This Fairlane was owned by Tommy Jackson and Fulmer lance and driven by Fulmer. I helped build and maintain it. The car had a '58 Ford frame, Boss 302 engine and Franklin quickchange. We had roll bars made out of black steel pipe. The '58 frame never handled as well as the old '55-56 frames we had used before. Most of the car was made right in the garage with only a few "bought" parts. No fuel cell, I think we had a Volks Wagon gas tank and a truck radiator of some sort. We used bolt on front spindle snouts and wide five hubs with drum brakes.
We ran the local dirt tracks in N GA and W NC.
paul woody
@paul-woody   11 years ago
great picture. do you remember where it was taken/ thanks
Robert Turner
@robert-turner   11 years ago
This was taken in front of what is now Foodland in Blairsville, GA. It is just off the old court house "square". As a side note the truck pulling the trailer belonged to Johnny Thomas, this was before he started racing himself. The trailer was built to fit the car and somewhere along the line the maximum width for highway use was forgoten. We were told not to bring it back to NC once but continued to do so. The frame was so low that we had to put a floor jack under the rear end to keep the frame from bottoming out going in to the shop which had a slight rise going in.
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