Darlington Collector
Roger A Jeffords Jr.
Saturday February 27 2010, 1:53 AM
If there is anyone out there that could help me finish my collection of Darlington Raceway programs it would be greatly appreciated. At this time, I need 5 programs to complete my collection. I need the first program 1950, 1952,1953,1954, and the Rebel race in 1961. I also collect ticket stubs from the Darlington races along with the ticket order brochures. I've been working on this collection for my son for about 6 years and hoping to complete sometime in the near future.
Stacy Morgan
@stacy-morgan   10 years ago
What would a 1950 program be worth?
Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   10 years ago
Good luck on your finding`s if you stay on here long enough you should get it complet or you could try Jim Reavis phone number 704 7357914
rocky ragusa
@rocky-ragusa   10 years ago
are you interested in any old darlington patches?
N.B. Arnold
@nb-arnold   10 years ago
Hey Roger. I too am a collector of Darlington stuff, in addition to any older NASCAR items. I have, I feel, a very extensive collection going. I have some duplicate 50's ticket order brochures in pretty good to excellent condition, but I should warn you, they are not cheap. On the program side, the fourth annual 1953 program I have found to be one of the hardest, and rarest, to get. I have seen more first year than third or fourth. The first year is probably worth and the most and can be anywhere from $150 to $350. I am lucky in that my dad attended the fisrt Southern 500 and I have his program, and the original line up sheet that he and his two friends signed and dated on the day. I also have a couple of photographs that he took of Curtis Turners car after he wrecked. A note on the 1951 second year program. Most of what you see out there and on ebay are the reproduction ones. I know the speedway reprinted the 1951 in the mid to late 70's. They even sold them there at the museum along with other older programs. The original 1951 has the 50 cents price in red ink, whereas the reproduction has it in black ink. I do have a copy of both and there is also some size difference there. Hardly anyone knows about this. The second year original is actually more rare then the first year too. One of the late 90's programs actually has two different covers also. It features a front view of Dale Earnhardt #3 and one cover has the drivers side of the car and the other cover has the right side of the car so if you put the two covers together side-by-side, you have a complete view. I am not sure of the year. I think I also have some ticket order brochures from the late 60's - early 70's, not sure what I have there. I see you are planning on coming to Memory Lane of the 14th, and I plan on being there too. Maybe we could meet up during the event and chat about our collections. Would love to meet another collector. Hope this offers you some help and insight. Please let me know if you would like any other info and I will be happy to see if I know anything about it. Take care and hope to see you on the 14th. - N.B.