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Middle Georgia Raceway Commemorative Print - With Drivers Names

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REVISED...I spotted an error in spelling in one of the names. This is a revised image to correct the spelling of Tommie Clinard's name.

Original Message:
I had uploaded this commemorative print featuring Middle Georgia Raceway long time ago. I recently made a legend naming the driver's cars shown in the print. For those of you that have the print, I thought you might enjoy being able to put the cars with a racer's name (shown in this image).

I'm proud to say that in 1998 I worked with Georgia sports artist Pete Henderson on this project commemorating & preserving the memories of this great race track. Over 100 drivers, owners & team members participated in helping commission this art. The memories of meeting each one of them & the many stories they told us will last me forever (we hand delivered every commissioner a special print that was made for each of them). Speedy Spiers really had some great stories and he showed me an original pit sign they used for LeeRoy Yarbrough back in the day during races.

I still have some of the 18" x 23" prints titled "Saturday Night Special" for those that don't have one & want one. Send me an email @
& I'll be glad to get you one. It's been an honor to be part of such a huge and special project toward preserving the memories of Middle Georgia Raceway. It was an honor to represent & work with Pete for such a great cause recognizing & paying tribute to pioneers of racing that raced at this track.

I hope the names I put on the scan of the print helps you relate to the cars, brings back memories of the track along with some racers & friends back in the day.
@devin   7 years ago
Thank you for the revised photo.
Ron Holland-Let's Go Racing
@ron-holland-lets-go-racing   7 years ago
Your welcome. Please feel free to share the photo of the print with all you know.
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