Ralph and Dale

Frank Greg Wayne Dayvault & Bill Baggs owner Speed and Custom kannapolis NC

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These are very well known men in the Kannapolis NC area they built the K-2 car for Dale. Greg is now 57 years old and the shop you see is still there. Greg and his son Ryan with the help of Charlie (Paw Pa) Have a K-2 car they recreated and show now and then. Great racing history came out this shop. Wonderful Caring people ! who if you live near by know they love life and enjoy talking about the good ole days. Thanks for the great memories guys, your Buddy, Ron
( Alan, A Long story LOL )
Billy & Barbara Scott
@billy-barbara-scott   10 years ago
We have more pictures of the car 0 and will be sending them in a week are so. Thanks guys for all the hard work you did to keep me in racing for a while. Remember the one which was demolished at Myrtle Beach, in a race no one could figure out how to start the main because the track was 1/2 mile and about 68 cars started at one time. Our car actually qualified in the first three rows but was lined up in the middle of the pack. I had worked my way to the lead and was passing a slow car and he pulled down on me causing a terrible wreck. Sammy Ard and Slick Johnson and myself were hurt that day. I wouldn't let them take me to the hospital because my family could not come to the race because of work schedules, and I was afraid they would get hurt on the way down. A group of guys from Monroe (I believe) drove me home (3 1/2 hours). When they carried me into the house at 3:30 am, and sat me on the bed, I passed out and my family called the ambulance (no 911 in those days).My knee was shattered and I still have many problems with it.You guys were the best!!!!!! I had the winning car that day, just didn't get to the checkered flag. I'll submit pitures a little later of the before and after car.Sure was nice to look and see this picture which someone submitted. Thanks again guys,YOU WERE THE BEST!!!!!
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