• Bobby Allison, Red Farmer, Wayne Andrews
  • 1969 riverside 500 prog
  • Andretti-Lorenzen 1967 Daytona 500
Charles Craig
@charles-craig   5 years ago
And Windin' Wayne Andrews beside them in the red and black Mustang.
Blane Moon
@blane-moon   5 years ago
This was the Bama 200, August 1971. Red was Bobby's only real competition until his engine blew. I spent Thursday thru Sunday at Talladega that week. What some great racing.
Sandeep Banerjee
@sandeep-banerjee   5 years ago
Thanks fellas, I updated the info.
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   5 years ago
That's an awesome looking car. Don't see too many pictures of Bobby's Mustang
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