Scotty Williamson

Johnny Lanning and crew @ FCS 1985

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Andy Towler
@andy-towler   14 years ago
Hey Scotty my name is andy towler i ran with those guys at franklin county back then all of my photos burned up in my days shop i drove a 1965 galaxie 500 ford in mid 80's it was orange with black 01 on door rebel flag on top go check out my photos you will see model car i built like it. can you help me find any photos of my car you my have some photos with it in there. i contacted whitey taylor owner of track he said he nos he has some programs left from back then every time i call to go up there he puts me off. but that whitey cant belive him. my dad bought booby harmons car black 71 chevelle white 45 on door trimed in red. we ran v-8 street stock. thanks if you can help. that adams girl i remereber runing against her.she was hot to.
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