Steve marek

New Smryna 1980

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Eddy, Trickle, and ?
roy martin
@roy-martin   12 years ago
# 72 Jr. Hanley
Ron Nelson
@ron-nelson   12 years ago
Jr. Hanley in the car that started all the wild wings and noses at Nss in 1980. where did you get these. love them, i am a Hanley fan and collector. thanks
Steve marek
@steve-marek   12 years ago
RonYou're not kidding about the wild wings. They made them out of clear plexiglass so they don't show up very well in the pictures. I was there after watching practice at Daytona in 1980, I couldn't believe Florida could get that cold. I froze my *** off! But it was worth it. I have more from that night, I'll try to get them up or send me your email and I'll get them to ya.Steve
Ron Nelson
@ron-nelson   12 years ago
Steve,thanks bud, I sent you a pm on your page with the info. looking forward to seeing them. love this stuff and these old pics are awesome for my collection. post them all if you can. let me know ok.RON (
sherman lafan2
@sherman-lafan2   11 years ago
Junior Hanley behind Trickle in #72.
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