Steve Struve


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Ed Howe
(How could I forget that ?)
Tri-County Speedway
1969 - 1970
@bnorton734   12 years ago
Steve, this is Ed Howe.
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   12 years ago
Nice picture Steve. Ed Howe built a car for 1970 that had a 504 cubic inch aluminum block engine and had torsion bars on all 4 corners that were adjusted from inside the car. The car was unbeatable and I'm wondering if this was that car. Herb Brinn was working with Howe and Brinn was a Senior Engineer at Chevrolet and had the smarts. He also was on board when Ed started Howe Racing Enterprises in 1971. Herb now builds Brinn Racing Transmissions in Bay City Michigan.
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