Steve Struve

Couple more unknowns

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Early shots from weekly show at Dayton Speedway, 1966
Bobby Sparks
@bobby-sparks   13 years ago
Well the 51 is Chick Hale & the 11 looks like an early Ft, Loramie Racing Club car that maybe Dick Eder drove!
Steve Struve
@steve-struve   13 years ago
Thanks, Bobby. I'm filling in some missing names on my master spreadsheet I created. Welcome to Racer's Reunion. Please look through all my shots - 240 or so stored on My Page. Most I have driver ID's for, but not all. Read the strory of how I found the cans of negatives of shots I took between 1966 and 1971 - about 2500 photos. Slowly posting them here. Thanks again for the driver ID's.Steve
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   13 years ago
Bobby really knows his stuff!!!!Pete
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