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# 21 Unknown ?

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Eldora 1966 ARCA Spring race
Do NOT think this is Jack Bowsher - Sponsor is from Floyd Knobs - isn't that in Tennesee ? Help !
Pete Banchoff
@pete-banchoff   10 years ago
I'm sure Jack was running either '65 or '66 model Ford cars then. I just don't know who would have the guts to show up at a ARCA race with a white #21 unless you're Jack Bowsher.LOL
John Potts
@john-potts   10 years ago
Floyd Knobs is in Floyd County, Ind., just across the river from Louisville. Charlie Glotzbach was (and still is) from this neighborhood (Edwardsville).It's probably a former Bowsher car, but I don't remember Charlie having one. If it was Queen City in 1966, Jack may have already moved to USAC with cars for himself and Foyt. That's the year Foyt used one of his cars in driving at Daytona for Junior Johnson. He blew up his car, his backup, and Bobby Isaac's backup, so they used the car Jack had won the ARCA race with the week before. I was with the K&K crew, and was sitting beside Jack on the pit wall when Foyt took Isaac's backup car out. I asked what they were gonna do when he blew that one. A.J. heard me, turned around and pointed at Jack and said, "His is next."
John Potts
@john-potts   10 years ago
Sorry Steve, I didn't see the "Eldora" notation.
Robert Staley
@robert-staley   10 years ago
wasn't earl balmer from that town ? i know he ran some ARCA.
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