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Jeffery Coward
@jeffery-coward   11 years ago
Great Devin!!Where was ths music??Can i send this to my space and face book??
@devin   11 years ago
Tim, I believe are from the Gaston area. No doubt they are race fans. One of their machine lost a tire, unfortunately. I thought to myself as I was leaving, I wonder if they did one too many laps around the track that day!Jeffery, I only placed the music at the title portion of the video as I wanted people to hear that the birds were still around the track. It was very peaceful out there yesterday. More so than my previous visits. :)
Jimmie Collins
@jimmie-collins   11 years ago
Devin, you did a wonderful job with the video....WOW it looks really different! The track looks so much bigger without the trees. It was cool with the nature sounds in the background. See ya soon.Gail
Unique Hiram
@unique-hiram   11 years ago
Devin,I like this is indeed peaceful out there at the track and I am still amazed at what I saw hanging out with you :o) I can't wait to see some more transformation, additions and upgrades - Columbia Speedway has indeed been awakened. It is great to just to imagine what was and what will be there at that beautiful track. Thanks for sharing as always! BIG Hugs...
Michael W. Smith
@michael-w-smith   11 years ago
WOW! Great stuff. Thanks for the video post!