Clare Sanders Fan Group
Description: Excellent,Winning Nitro Car Driver. An incredible Career !!From "LimeFire" to "Jungle Jim" ,"Ram Chargers" and More !!!
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Hubert Platt FAN Club
Members : 36
Description: Great Drag Racer, Superb Showman !
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Ed Hedrick Fan Club
Members : 25
Description: Ed has been winning races on Motorcycles and cars for a long time. One of Bill Jenkins best drivers...moreEd' and his Nova are Tough Today !!!
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PeeWee Wallace Fan Club
Description: "The Virginian"..A True LEGEND.PeeWee set the bar high. A very quick and fast Racer !
12 Comments Likes
Description: God Bless You Monk...From Eastern Drag News to the Legendary SUPER STOCK MAGAZINE, Your contributions to Drag Racing (and closed course racing , STOCK CAR RACING magazine),are Many ! Thank You.......R.I.P.
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Darwin Doll Followers/people who appreciate Him
Description: The 2nd week of July every year for 10 years now, YORK PA ..Is THE place to be, thanks to Darwin Doll's tireless efforts to preserve the memories of the York US30 Drag Strip, ancient competitors and fans.
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Jack McClure Fan Club
Members : 24
Description: Racer,Showman,Daredevil,once a Star with Joie Chitwood....225 mph on a GoKart !
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Carl Moyer Fan Club
Members : 22
Description: First Class / Fast, describes Chevy Dealer/Racer Carl Moyer !
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Charles Carpenter Fan Club
Description: The World's Fastest '55 ChevyMaybe the most influential ProMod Racer Ever.
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Bill Kuhlmann Fan Club
Members : 67
Description: Arguably the greatest doorslammer Driver/Owner/Builder in Drag Racing History
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Members : 66
Description: Legendary ProMod Racer Many time UDRA,USSC,IHRA , AHRA ,Champion
92 Comments Likes
Members : 33
Description: Gordy Foust,a lifetime in Motorsports.Drag Racer, Manufacturer's Rep,Crew Chief,builder,innovator. (fuel system expert)1st ProMod "Shoe Box" over 200 MPH !
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