Thomas E Loughlin Jr

Don Garlits vs Tommy Ivo at ESTA Dragway Tom Loughlin Jr Photo.

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One of my promos at ESTA Safety Park Dragway in Cicero NY near Syracuse was Garlits vs Ivo in , I believe, 1973. Lots of fun in Upstate NY. Utica Rome is gone, but ESTA is still running, as is, get this, South Butler NY, the Old King's Dragway/Jackson of the pioneer tracks in the USA. 3X per year..heads up only 1/8 mi. The old quarter mile record still stands at 168 mph. Back to ESTA....continual, incremental improvements keep the place competitive, 330 foot concrete launch pads and new paving for pitting trailerd cars and dragbikes are helpful as was a recent "grind down. Much smoother.
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