Thank you from Tiger Tom Pistone
Tiger Tom Pistone
Saturday October 23 2010, 9:38 PM
Hi Everyone,I would like to Thank Racers Reunion Jeff Gilder and his staff, and Alex Beam From Memory Lane Museum and foremost all My Fans who voted for me to be inducted this year in to the Hall of Fame in Moorseville NC.I would like to say a special Thank you to my wonderful friend David Ragan for being the one to induct me into the Museum, he is always there for me. Kenny Thank you too!!! Your my buddy!!I am sorry I missed this very special occasion, my wife of 68 years has been very sick and I felt she should be by my side where she has been all these years on that special day, I could never have made it without her by my side all these years supporting me in Racing, and Life, and being my loving devoted wife that she is.She tried so hard to get ready that morning, she wanted to be there too, but her breathing was too hard and her Portable Oxygen was not going to be adequate, I could not chance anything happening to her, especially with this New Aneurysm that is inoperable at this time {so the Drs says}. She already had 3 Triple AAA Repairs. She has been through so much and she is a fighter, God will help her!!!.So I made the only decision I felt was right and that was to be with my wife and stay home, I hope you all understand. I am very sorry I missed this Ceremony and seeing my fans and friends and fellow racers,we were with you in heart and soul.I appreciate all your Prayers and well wishes, please know you all mean the world to me and my family, again I am sorry I missed this special day! Thank you ALL for honoring all of us that day.Sincerely Yours,Your Friend,Tiger Tom Pistone and FamilyGod Bless you All.
Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   10 years ago
Tiger,all of us at the ceremony included you and your family in our prayers that day and we have continued to do so all week. You did the right thing being with Mrs. Pistone. I do hope she is better now and will continue to improve. For sure, you both were missed but you can be very assured that David represented you well and brought further honor to you in his presentation. He is a special young man and a special friend to you.Please continue to keep us informed of your wife's status as we do care. It is very special to have you in our Hall of Fame and she is a very special lady.God bless you Tiger, and Mrs. Pistone and your entire family. I guess I'll just have to come to Charlotte to shake your hand.Tim
Michael W. Smith
@michael-w-smith   10 years ago
Thanks for the note Tiger. God bless you guys! you were missed but we all understand. Hope your wife is doing well! W
Harvey Tollison
@harvey-tollison   10 years ago
Tiger you a great racer and husband and father . I will pray for you and your family.
Russell Rector
@russell-rector   10 years ago
Both of you are in our prayers.
Chuck Piazza
@chuck-piazza   10 years ago
Hi Tom, Just found your page and was catching up on you. I always appreciated the help and guidance you gave me years ago. I wish the best for you and your family. Chuck Piazza