Opinions Matter Only to the Opinion Holder
Tim Leeming
Tuesday April 18 2017, 7:37 PM

Opinions Matter Only to the Opinion Holder

Legendtorial for April 18, 2017

Using a conservative expression of a well-known statement about opinions, "Opinions are like belly buttons; everyone has one".  Having said that, the next thing I expect is to hear a report from a nursery in Nambia that a baby was born without one.  I would certainly not be surprised.

Tonight's Legendtorial will be a short one because last week I felt as though my contribution to the show shortchanged Bopper and Hugh.  The Legendtorial was too long and the discussion afterwards, although I applaud that discussion, took up time, which should have belonged to Hugh and Bopper.

We all know opinions, especially those regarding politics, religion, and favorite car brands can cause heated arguments, sometimes resulting in violence.  I sincerely believed my contribution last week was a positive statement about the hope and future of our sport.  Granted, most of the panel seemed to agree with most of what I said, but it was an email the next morning that went into great lengths disputing almost everything I said.  I had no idea Ryan Blaney was the son of multi-billionaire Dave Blaney who bought him the ride in the 21.  Oh, I knew Dave was the Dad, I just didn't know about the billions.  I was also unaware that Rick Hendrick made a deal with Bill Elliott the day Chase was born to take over the kid's life and make a "race driver" out of him.  As for Kyle Larson, who knew his family owns hundreds of thousands of acres of prime real estate in both Los Angles and Tokyo?  I certainly didn't.  Actually, none of that is true, but while certain privileges may exist for those young men that don't exist for others, I think what they have shown in talent proves it is MORE than about the money.

Frankly, I'm tired of the discussions about money.  I'm tired of discussions about NASCAR's money, or soon to be lack thereof.  I want to see racing, and I want to see drivers with talent provide that racing.  That, frankly, is my opinion of where we are and where we are going.  If you wish to express a different opinion, email me at:  Idontreallywanttohearit@kma.net.

Now back to Jeff, Hugh, Cody, Jack and Bopper.

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