The Bad Word Jar
Tim Leeming
Tuesday June 6 2017, 7:27 PM

The Bad Word Jar

Legendtorial for June 6, 2017

Before we get into the Legendtorial tonight, let us remember that it was on this day in 1944 that Operation Overlord landed on the beaches of Normandy in France to begin the end of the Third Reich.  Let us not forget those brave men who disembarked those landing craft in conditions those of us today can only imagine in a haze of very scary visions.  God bless all those men as well as those in the Pacific who were island hopping to send the "rising sun" into a "setting sun".  Because of these men in both sides of the world, we have the freedoms we have today.  With that said, God bless America, and to those of you who find our flag offensive, I find you people disgusting. 

I was admonished after last week's show by a listener who suggested, after my Kyle Busch rant, that Jeff should have a "bad word jar" set up in the studio for deposits made by those who use offensive language.  As I recall, I only used three words commonly referred to as "curse words" and they are used in almost every television program on the air these days with the exception, maybe, of SpongeBob Squarepants.

When George Carlin did the routine about the seven words that could not be used on radio of television, that list did not contain any of the three words I used last week.  If you are expecting an apology, all I will say is that I apologize to anyone offended, but I will not retract one word of what I said about the Kyle Busch incident.  Which reminds me, not only will this house contain NO product of M&M Mars, it is assured that no dog food adorning the hood of KB's racecar will be on this property.

I worked with a guy one time who could unleash a tirade of curse words that would make a sailor blush.  Oh, and by the way, I was a sailor.  One of the girls in the office suggested a "curse word jar" and she got one of those large jars those huge pickles come in and put a slit in the top.  For every curse word, a quarter deposit was required.  Our co-worker with the propensity for cursing, including the very frequent use of the "F" word (not France) probably owed that jar $20.00 the first day.  When he refused to pay up, our lady of proper language got rid of the jar.

Yesterday's race was not 20 laps old before I wished we had such a jar on the FOX set where a dollar would have been deposited every time the name Kyle Busch was uttered.  D.W. alone would have been out about $7,000.00 as close as I can calculate.  How many times did D.W. repeat the phrase that "the damage to the left side of Kyle's car would not be a hindrance"?

I heard it said once that ANY Publicity is good for the product or the person.  I somehow cannot imagine how that could be construed to include the actions of Kyle Busch.  Yes, here we are talking about him again tonight because I feel it necessary to point out such things as his explanation for his continued behavior is that it was "given to him from above" or something like that.  His efforts to make it right by seeming to indicate that is how God intended him to be sort of rubbed me the wrong way. 

But, I guess we're beating a dead horse here, as they say, because there is no way Kyle Busch will ever change and in spite of his efforts to justify such crude, unsportsmanlike, and ignorant behavior falls on deaf ears of those of us who have some modicum of class.  I thought Samantha was a good influence.  No.  Then came Braxton, or is that Brexton, an innocent child to be raised by Kyle and Samantha.  I do hope Samantha's influence will exceed that of Kyle on the child.

As we mentioned D.W. earlier, is it possible that FOX has not realized D.W. is on the verge of dementia?  Just listen to his commentary.  Oh, and by the way D.W., this fan is so happy that FOX is about to disappear from the scene for another season.  When next February rolls around, it is my fervent desire that you are sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of wherever it is you are living now watching your brother Mikey playing in a sandbox in the yard.

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