Tim Leeming

Tim Leeming w Janet Guthrie

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Leon Phillips
@leon-phillips   11 years ago
Was Tim part of the Hippie movement cool pic
Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   11 years ago
Long before there was a Danica Patrick, there was a Janet Guthrie. I was very fortunate to have had many opportunites to be with Ms. Guthrie although we did NOT date as some may think. She is a classy lady and was far ahead of her time. She raced Indy. She raced NASCAR. I am fortunate that I had many times to talk with her and would love to get her on Racers Reunion radio one evening to compare her days with those of Danica. Janet was the real deal because she loved racing!
Jim Wilmore
@jim-wilmore   11 years ago
That would be Janet Guthrie
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   11 years ago
Lol...more Legend "lore"
Andy Towler
@andy-towler   11 years ago
Cool Tim You The Man
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