Jim Paschal - In Memoriam
Jim Paschal - In Memoriam

James Roy Paschal, Jr.

b. December 5, 1926

d. July 5, 2004

  • More than 400 Grand National starts
  • 25 Grand National wins
  • About 150 Grand National Top 5s
  • 230 Grand National T10s
  • Two-time winner of the World 600
  • 16 NASCAR Grand Touring wins
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Billy Biscoe
@billy-biscoe-arustyracer   3 years ago
He was a very good friend, not only as a racer but also as a farmer. We shared a lot of laugh's over the years. Step out the backdoor of my shop and he's buried about two miles as the crow fly's.
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   3 years ago
A bit of humor from an old NASCAR Newsletter
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   3 years ago
A project I hope to dive into in 2015 is to see something posted about each of Paschal's 25 GN wins. Close to halfway there with posts by Tim Leeming and me about Jim's wins with Petty Enterprises as well as a couple of other of his victories with other car owners. I've already begun searching for news clippings.
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