• The OTHG was on 98% was the loudest by far
  • One reception after another
  • The Unsinkable Kelly Brown 1978 # 1 1979 Indy 50th Winner prepping the OTHG
  • The circa correct uniforms were a hit
  • Floyd Lippincot Jr was hiding in the Barnstormer
  • OTHG showing the brits what is was all about
  • Note the "before" guard rails, before union carpenters worked all night
  • Hang'n with the royality
  • The Show is Over Folks, never to be replicated, Thank You Goodwood and Tony Thacker ( NHRA)
  • Note the Faux tower made from shipping containers
  • Sonny Diaz scoping the situation
  • Pat Curnow,Tom Curnow Sonny Diaz, Kelly Brown the OTHG
  • Dave West in the Beebe & Mulligan Top Fueler recreation circa 1969
  • US Drag Team
  • Waiting to fire
  • An old flathead dragster now residing in England
  • Lord March came to US after the event and bought a rat rod so he would get the "feel"
  • Another Formal Dinner
  • Our own dragstrip replica
  • Lord March is a racer in his own right, but this was really something for him
  • The Chrisman Team
  • All build by union employees mostly on overtime $$$$$
  • Get in-and smell the roses
  • Who said the Brits were "stuffy"
  • Drag Racing Comes to Goodwood Estate 2008
  • Pat with the Mooneyes owners Shige and Chico
  • Floyde Lippincot Jr, with a local friend
  • Protect the crowd from these dangerous Americans
  • Toast to Drag Racing
  • Art Chrisman  Tom Curnow
  • Hired actors to add to the day
  • The Rattler ready to fire
  • Over The Hill Gang
  • They lined up to make sure we were not thirsty at any time lol
  • The US team was invited to the stage and presented with "winners" medallions
  • Pit Stop area in a "portable building" hmm just like LIONS
  • OTHG on display
  • Mike Chrisman in the Chrisman -Cannon Hustler
  • The Goodwood House was our host for formal dinners and enteratinment
  • You had to eat lunch somewhere, again just like LIONS with Irwindale's Food
  • Lord March introducing the US Drag Racing Team 2008
  • Local Moon distributors in thier "whites"
  • The Over the Hill Gang was the only RE dragster invited
  • The Cacklefest took place twice daily for no less than 10,000 each time
  • Sir Sterling Moss "loved the US Cacklefest"
  • Nitro, oh no call in the Fire Engineers
  • This is how it all started in So Calif, the Christman Bros famous #25
  • The Slipper was a crowd pleaser
@spike   13 years ago
When was the OTHG car built ?
Tom Curnow
@tom-curnow   13 years ago
The was designed by Bill Schultz, M & S welding put it together in 1978, Gary Reud drove ut ub 1979, The Over the Hill Gang, let by Schutz ran in for only one year,1979, it won 4 of the nine NHRA events, 1979 was the last year that local points races counted for the championship, due to that fact Rob Bruins actually won the 1979 NHRA World Championship without winning a national eventd. We ran the car with all that success, grossed $180,000 includinga all the winnings and sponcsor money, It coast $240,000 to run the year, so it was easy to make the decison to make 1979 the one and only year for the OTHG Top Fuel car,Kelly was making $1,000 a day as a stunt driver and the rest of the Gang had other things do do. Schultz went on to run the In n Out funney care under the Gang name for a few years with several great drivers, but when that $$ ran out, the Gang retired.
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