Tommy Lee Byrd

Loco Kellison Funny Car

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My dad's best friend, Denny George owned this Kellison-bodied Funny Car. I would LOVE to find some more information on this car.
Thomas Warren2
@thomas-warren2   8 years ago
Hi Tommy, Kellison body F/C. Go to search for (Abra Cadaver 1) picture and info. Another Kellison body F/C. Story on Jim Kellison is very interesting. Tom.
Thomas Warren2
@thomas-warren2   8 years ago
Tommy, Put in just (Kellison) in search and it will give you everything tagged Kellison on DRR. Tom.
Mark S. Huerta
@mark-s-huerta   7 years ago
I bought thatcar from Dennis George in 1988....sight unseen...with the intention of swappingits '58 Pontiac rear end into my '68 Firebird. I was so surprised at how well built chassis that I decided to hold off on the rear end swap. That Kellison lived in my garage until last year when I had to roll it outside to the driveway...
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