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Watkins Glen 1971 Trans Am pré-start

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Photo Watkins Glen program
Watkins Glen Trans Am race in August 1971, pre-start, head of the race behind the Corvette pace car.
1 George Follmer #15 Bud Moore Mustang, 2 Mark Donohue's #6 Sunoco Javelin, 3 Swede Savage #79 Smokey Yunick Camaro, 4 Vic Elford #68 ARA Javelin, 5 Peter Gregg's #16 Bud Moore Mustang, 6 Tony De Lorenzo #3 Mustang, 7 Jerry Thompson #4 Mustang, 8 Waren Topp #31 Mustang, 9 Mo Carter #88 Camaro, 10 Mark Wago #1 Camaro, 11 Marshall Robbins #24 Camaro, 12 Paul Nichter #22 Camaro, 13 Warren Agor #13 Camaro.
Kenneth Gottshall2
@kenneth-gottshall2   6 years ago
This is where and when I meant Smokey Yunick/Ralph Johnson/Snake. It was before daylight! Later I meant Swede Savage. I used to go to the Glen quite often. Later I ended up working for Smokey. I guess they were my glory days! Ken
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