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Mike McCarthy
@mike-mccarthy   11 years ago
Actually Chip Woodall in the car!!
Arthur H Irwin IV
@arthur-h-irwin-iv   11 years ago
Hi Mike, Great to hear from you. This pic is the one he signed to me... those were the days. How have you been? What are you up to these days, do you race at all, or even get to the track ?
Mike McCarthy
@mike-mccarthy   11 years ago
Hi Art, Living in FL at the moment but moving back to NH next month. I quess you can say I'm retired as I haven't worked since April...lol I have not raced and did not get back to a racetrack till I attended the CHRR back in 2010. Do you still have the Nova pic? I'd like to get a decent copy of it if possible? I lost all my files many years ago during a move.
Arthur H Irwin IV
@arthur-h-irwin-iv   11 years ago
I will try to remember to get in the attic to see where it is, I think still have it. NH, huh, well, you have a few tracks to pick from, so you can race again. I will hopefully be racing in a year or so again, not just being a crew guy on a NHRA Pro Mod, dont get me wrong, its lots of fun... but not the same as racing yourself.
Mike McCarthy
@mike-mccarthy   11 years ago
Art, at some point we should try to get together, I see you have been picking up some of your Dads articles in Drag News, I have some that he gives me credit in, and still looking for others, we have probably been bidding against one another on Ebay trying to pick them up...lol Have you ever attended the nostalgia get together show in Hudson in Jan? I'm going to try and make it this year and hope to bring some of my photo collection down to share with the attendees.
Arthur H Irwin IV
@arthur-h-irwin-iv   11 years ago
I did not know about any nostalgia deal in Jan, shoot me some info. Yeah, at some point I'd like to get together and hear some stories...
Mike McCarthy
@mike-mccarthy   11 years ago
Art, Send me your email addy and I'll send you a copy of the flyer. It's held at the Elks club in early Janhere is my email xdragnewsphotog@yahoo.com
Gary McLennan
@gary-mclennan   11 years ago
chip woodall driving or Gene snow
Arthur H Irwin IV
@arthur-h-irwin-iv   11 years ago
Chip... I only know that because he signed the picture...
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