Mike Duvall
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Description: Mike Duvall and the Flintstone Flyer are known throughout the East Coast as one of the most successful drivers ever to compete in any division from Rookies through Late Models. His career has earned 700 + races, and several Championships.
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Chuck Piazza
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Description: "Yankee" to Stick Elliott-"Fierce Competitor" to fellow drivers-"Gentleman" to racing fans. Chuck is a Southern transplant from New York.. Chuck is a member of the Earnhardt-Elliott-Scott-Bumgardner-Plyler-Smart- plus all the rest era.
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Description: Hall of Fame for U.SDirt Late ModelDrivers. To nominate or vote, oreven info, contact Bill Holder
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Bill Connell - Remembrance
Description: Bill Connell, annnouncer for many dirt tracks in the southeast for years, and known as "Mouth Of The South". Given more prestigious title,"Voice Of The Speedway", as he moved into NASCAR and into the movie world. Great announcer, greater friend.
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