Ed Mudd

22 pete corey whitbeck owned

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Pete won 15 features at Fonda Speedway during a little more than 2 year span in the late 50's. This car was burned up in a fire in 1959 I believe. Photographer unknown
Dave Wager
@dave-wager   12 years ago
Actually,..........Although this car was built and maintained by Bob Whitbeck of Canajoharie, NY, it was owned by Johnstown, NY's Harold Smith. It was destroyed in a fire in a garage owned by Mr. Smith. I will check with Mr. Smith's sister, my step-Mom, the exact year and post it.The black body, white flames and red #22 paint scheme made a lifetime impression on another very young Canajoharie native at the time, Dave Lape.Just take a look at this pic of Pete Corey. Ya know, they say it's not arrogance or cockeyness if you can back it up. This Guy proved it every time he strapped that helmet on.
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