Rockfish Speedway Fans
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Description: If you have been to Rockfish and enjoyed it, then this is for you!
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Description: Back in the day, Nascar was the epitome of sports. Now, it's a complete freakin' joke.Screw Brian France and bring in someone who will make Nascar a real sport again.
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Cove's Pass Speedway
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Description: Here's the site: I made this group because I want you all to anticipate the track I plan on building. The site has a chat and a forum complete with: The Track Discussion NNRacing Super Stock Discussion...
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Create A NASCAR Series And It's Schedule!
Description: If you want to post your series and schedule, please do so by posting another thread.You can be Mr. Bill France or Mrs. Bill France and create the series as well
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Gordon Smiley Memorial
Description: This is a club to honor the life of Gordon Smiley. Sadly, he died in a horrendous crash qualifying for the '82 Indy 500 This is most likely the last picture taken of him alive: You can tell that didn't end pretty...
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