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I was the business manager & agent in the 1990's for Pete Henderson, the late Georgia sports artist, that painted "Saturday Night Special", a commemoration of Middle Georgia Raceway. I was fortunate to have met so many great drivers and so many wonderful people related to or are friends with those that have raced, owned or worked on teams that competed on the track - Tommie Clinard, Bob Moore, Bill & Bob Leech, Snookey McDade, Richard Webb, Dave Marcus, Roz Howard, Al Smith, Oney Hudson, Don Tomberlin, Ken Ragan, Speedy Spiers, A. W. Vickers, Friday Hassler's niece and so many others .... over 100 drivers, owners & team members helped commission the painting & prints. Pete & I hand delivered each commissioners print. What a genuine pleasure is was to be a part of such a monumental commemoration and to hear so many stories told about the days of racing at Middle Georgia Raceway by many of the commissioners.

I still have some fine art prints commemorating Middle Georgia Raceway. Over 100 drivers, teams & owners helped commission the art in 1998 and a special print hangs in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame behind one of Bill Elliott's race cars.

The art is on acid-free heavy stock paper and measures approximately 18" x 23". The artist, Pete Henderson, and I worked for more than a year visiting drivers, team members & owners to acquire original pictures & to talk with them in order to allow Pete to depict an accurate & detailed art piece to commemorate this previous track that was on the NASCAR circuit at one time.

I still have a few special commissioner prints which has the commissioners names embedded in the first turn of the track. These are signed by the artist. These are extremely rare as they had been archived and have not been offered to anyone until now.

I also have the open edition unsigned art prints available.

These make great collectibles for yourself and also awesome gifts for those had an association with the track.

Prices - (Includes Shipping):

Special Commissioner Edition 20" x 26" With Commissioner's Names Embedded- $175*

Open Edition Unsigned Prints 18" x 23" $ 25*

Limited Edition Signed Prints 18" x 23" $ 55*

*Includes Free Shipping

You can pay via Paypal and you do not have to be a Paypal member to make payment. Shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

I can email you an invoice or you can pay directly using my email address -

NOTE: The copyright text & drivers names by their cars shown in the image will not appear on your prints and is for copyright protection only & to let you know who the cars are associated with. I will have to shoot a photo of the special commissioner print & will post it later or will be happy to email it directly to you if you request it. The commissioner print is larger 20" x 26 & has the names of all the commissioners embedded into turn one of the track.

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