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Greg Zyla's Vega

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My big block Vega at speed, 1980 Numidia Dragway. Former Clyde Morgan Javelin with a Fletcher chassis, later a Dickie Harrell Camaro west coast match racer. Don Hardy also did work on this chassis. Was never a Wonder Wagon.
Doug Howard
@doug-howard   11 years ago
Greg, you may not remember me. I was at Kulp's shop in Dalmatia when you had the Vega there.I was in the process of getting a '69 Camaro ready for the track. Of course, Jack was my Trans Man.Hopefully we can meet at the reunion this weekend. We hope to be there on Sunday. I rember the vega at Numedia.I am now running a '23T Altered Doug
Greg Zyla
@greg-zyla   11 years ago
Doug--will be there Saturday only----from 9 a.m. to ???Greg
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