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Jim Seay
@jim-seay   15 years ago
Often, usually with my dad, we traveled from Columbia to the old half-mile track for weekly shows and Grand Nationals. I remember Lee Roy Yarbourgh going over the third turn fence driving a Mercury and once when Chief Steward and flgagman Pete Keller avoided a maddened crowd when he exited the flag stand and had his striped shirt off before he hit the ground and sprinted to his car, clearing the grounds in quick order. I can't recall what the controversy was.The '63 road course "510" for me was highlighted not so much by Fireball's final win but my trying to chase down the helicopter so I could get out of the infield and across the track without confronting a field of racers. That came about when I heard my name being paged on the P.A. system.When I finally caught up witht he guy, I was charged $5 and went to the p.r. office to get the message and made the call back to Columbia.I waited for quite a while before the 'copter came back across the course and I could get back to the infield to get back together with my dad and uncle.It turned out to be a call from a friend in Columbia who wanted me to play a gag on a couple of friends that night by doing a vocal imitation of Pres. Kennedy on their intercom system while they played cards. It turned out to be a funny routine leading up to a suprise birthday party for one of the guests.Ironically, five days later was Nov. 22, 1963. You should know the significance of that date.
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