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jeff hensley
@jeff-hensley   15 years ago
my dad, hubert hensley sold Bill a modified coupe in the early 70's and I was wondering what ever happened to it. when bill bought it it was painted up gray and had a rebel flag on the trunk, i think it was a 36 or 37 plymouth coupe. i was only 10 years old when this happened but i remember the day vividly when bill came to Ridgeway VA to pick up the car. I would really like to track that car down, it had a lot of history. bill was one heck of a guy, he left an impression on a 10 year old kid as a heck of a driver and very funny guy to be around! Jeff Hensley
Laura Woods
@laura-woods   13 years ago
This photo was taken at Sportsman Speedway in Johnson City, Tennessee.
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