In Memory of Tiny Lund

Article about phot of tTiny Lund and Marty Robbins

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Jim Seay
@jim-seay   16 years ago
We remember the happiness we felt for Tiny the day he drove the Wood Brothers Ford to first place in the 1963 Daytona 500. I had known him less than a year following my return from working in Dallas,TX. He was such a good and affable guy. It was the year that he was able to realize his celebrity in so many ways including receiving the Carnegie Medal for Heroism for his part in the rescue of Marvin Panch from the blazing sports car and the subsequent use of the car that won the 500.He was a Thursday night regular at Columbia Speedway for the Late Model Sportsman races so, or it seemed, that promoter Buddy Gooden wasn't compelled to provide Tiny extra "show" money despite his popularity magnified by winning at Dayton. When asked why he thought Tiny didn't deserve more than the others he justifiably told Mr. Gooden..."This might be the only time I'll be able to want more."He was right.One of the saddest moments in my life was when I was announcing a speedboat race on a Sunday afternoon at nearby Lake Murray in 1974. An uncle of mine, who also knew Tiny, came to me with the bad news from Talladega, "I just heard on the radio Tiny got killed in a wreck." I announced that tragic news to the c rowd and their reaction demonstrated how well respected he was by the motorsports community.He will always be one of the best in my mind and was a good friend to so many.Jim Seay
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