The Charlotte Auto-Fair...and RacersReunion
Jeff Gilder
Tuesday August 30 2011, 5:00 PM

I've had some folks asking how the auto-fair went, so I thought I should give a report. I got accused of going to Charlotte to escape Irene. That was not the case. As for Irene, she skirted us here in Myrtle Beach and we only have some minor debris and a few downed trees here and there. It only took me a couple of hours clean up the Zeus Media parking lot....really grateful for that. We had some broken limbs, minor gutter damage and debris at home.

As for the Charlotte was awesome. We had a RacersReunion/Michael W. Smith booth set up and had several veteran drivers come by to sign autographs: Lloyd Dane, Ned Jarrett, Gene Hobby, Gray London, Jim VanDiver, Little Bud Moore, Billy Biscoe, Francis Flock, Tiger Tom Pistone, and Peanut Turman were there. Hope I didn't leave anyone out. W had his rat rod and some of his artwork on display...Steve "Big Poppa" Herbert came and did some interviews. We were set up from Thursday through Sunday.

I had the pleasure of staying in Billy Biscoe's Lake retreat up on High Rock Lake. It was a welcome change for me. No internet, no phone service, no TV...just me and my thoughts. For some one who lives in a techi world that was a bit of an adjustment. My GPS even quit working once...almost had to stop and ask for directions. Thank God I dodged that. How could I have ever lived that down.

On the way home Sunday, I decided to go by way of Cheraw, SC and see if I could find the Cheraw Speedway (ghost track). With the help of our resident ghost track historian, Bobby "The Bopper" Williamson and some satellite photos I found it and prepared this video blog:

@devin   12 years ago
Thanks Jeff! Great introduction to the track as it looks today.
William Horrell
@william-horrell   12 years ago
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this Jeff.
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