Nexus Fuel Products In Las Vegas
Jeff Gilder
Saturday October 29 2011, 3:07 PM

Nexus Fuel Products will be in Las Vegas the week of November 1st searching for interested dealers and distributors. The company will be sharing space with Delfin Group USA after a recent arrangement for Delfin, from its Charleston, SC location, to offer manufacturing and global shipping of the complete line of Nexus Fuel Products.

Delfin Group USA offers us virtually unlimited manufacturing capability along with global distribution possibilities, said Sam Bamrick, CEO Nexus Fuel Products, Inc. We are extremely excited about this arrangement. It is a move that will allow us to expand distribution without any concerns relative to delivery of our products globally.

This comes after a successful two years of field testing the Nexus products in a variety of environments. Perhaps the most exciting and promising results came from testing the company's Complete Diesel product."We wanted to do real-life testing of our products", said Sam Bamrick. "There is no better test of the products effectiveness than those conducted by competent, independent, firms and individuals who have the ability to provide detailed before and after results. We expected the results to vary with the variety of uses and we are very happy with the outcome."

In addition to Complete Diesel, Nexus offers XtremeHP for high performance applications, Nexus Ultra-Marine for boating, and Nexus Formula 7 for passenger cars.

Find more details online at the company website at .

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