RacersReunion Memory Lane Hall of Fame
Jeff Gilder
Monday October 12 2009, 10:50 AM
I am extremely proud to have been a part of this historic event. The response was overwhelming. Our very deserving inductees received some overdue honor and recognition. I am very thankful for the participation of the inductees, their families, our sponsors, Memory Lane Museum, those who helped with the event, the attendees, and our special guests...Ned Jarrett and Bobby Allsion. I think we have set the bar pretty high for coming years. We will get started on next year...next month.Jeff
Phil Sanderson
@phil-sanderson   14 years ago
This was a First Class Event! Jeff Gilder you are to be praised for your efforts. It was very rewarding to all who attended to see and experience the true joy in that room. The bar is indeed set HIGH... I for one thank you & look forward to the next event.Phil
Roddy Langley
@roddy-langley   14 years ago
Jeff, you can not be praised enough for your hard work and extra efforts towards this first class event and exhibit. I am very proud to have had my father inducted in the first class of inductees and look very much forward to attending the future ceremonies as well. This recognition to the true pioneers of the sport was a long time coming and it is great to see that it is finally come and displayed in such a manner. I cannot thank you enough.Roddy Langley
Mike Sykes
@mike-sykes   14 years ago
This was a truly historic day in the life of all that was involved as a fan or a active member of RR. I am proud to have been a small part of this ceromony and to have been in the precence of such a great bunch of race familes. Starting with a great breakfast at Bob Evans. Tammy and her staff were very gracious and the food was very good. Alex and his crew was as always the best host you could possibly ask for and the volunteers were very top notch. We thank all the sponsors that made this all possble and the hard work of all that were involved. I look forward to next year and hope that the weather will be better so that the fans will be a little more willing to come out. It was an honor for me to meet new friends and see alot of old friends.
ray lamm
@ray-lamm   14 years ago
thanks to every body putting this together.thanks to you jeff gilder. the two day was history and enjoy every body being a part of it.thanks
Bill Hupp
@bill-hupp   14 years ago
Mr. Gilder,In the brief period that has passed since I came upon and joined this fine set of websites, your contribution to them and their spinoffs has been obvious. I cannot express enough appreciation to you sir, if for nothing else to give this old fart a place to be amongst like minds.I cannot figure how you pull it all off without a large stash of little white pills, but you do, with a relentless passion. It is deserving of a standing ovation.Aside, I would also offer an apology if I came off as harrassing in the chat about the road racers site. It was not my intent, rather I was just curious on any progress.You have much on your plate sir, and designing and adding yet another site should likely not be near the top of your priority list. Take your time. You've already given this old-timer many hours of pleasure on a near daily basis.
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   14 years ago
Thanks to all of you for the kind words. All this would be lost without all you passionate fans of "Racin the way it was". We can certainly make an impact....recogniozing our racing heritage...with your support. Thank you!
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