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Driving Force

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'Driving Force', is an oil painting I recently completed & donated to the Occoneechee Orange Speedway, to go toward funding of the preservation of one of the great historic stock car & NASCAR racing tracks. Photo courtesy of T. Taylor Warren. http::// Margaret Sue Turner Wright at 3:58pm October 6
Send them an email to ask about when their prints of this painting, will be available to the public. Ask about the kind of print your preference would be. Thx! Enjoy!
Margaret Sue
ps: All Artwork on my site is copyright owned by Margaret Sue Turner Wright, and is not allowed to be copied without written permission, unless it is for strictly educational purposes. Thanks to All for respecting that. :)
Thomas K. Craig
@thomas-k-craig   16 years ago
Hello Mrs. Turner, I was at the Occoneechee Show, actually my dad is the founder of Historic Speedway Group. I saw that painting, what a wonderful job you did, it looks great. Thanks for coming to the show. Hope to see you next year.
Margaret Sue Turner Wright
@margaret-sue-turner-wright   16 years ago
Hi Thomas! It was great to be down there at Occoneechee! Thx for the encouraging comments! I certainly plan to be back there again next year. Thax for inviting me! Take Care!
Margaret Sue Turner Wright
@margaret-sue-turner-wright   16 years ago
Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words on my paintings! And thanks so much for all your help on my photo, where apparrently, I was given some misinformation previously. I just love being here!!! This is just way too much fun! hehe Thanks again!
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